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Adventure Sailing Holidays for Singles in the Caribbean

Def'n: ad·ven·ture
(ad ven ′ c ̸ h ə r, ə d-)

1.the encountering of danger
2.a daring, hazardous undertaking
3.an unusual, stirring experience, often of a romantic nature

transitive verb
adventured -·tured, adventuring -·tur·ing
1.to put in danger; risk; venture
2.to be bold about; dare

intransitive verb
1.to engage in daring undertakings
2.to take a risk

By its very nature is adventurous; there is no predictability, just the age old battle of pitting your wits against the elements.

Throw in a smattering of historic sea battles, buried treasure & pirate stories, active volcanoes & wild, untamed rainforest and you have the recipe for a memorable adventure!


Singelas Sailing Holidays

Adventure Sailing Holidays for Singles
in the Caribbean

February 2011: St Maarten Heineken Regatta
Make time for some serious fun!

March2011: St Barth's Bucket
See some of the world's most beautiful sailing yachts

April 2011: Antigua Sailing Week
The Caribbean's most famous regatta

  • A shared experience not a dating service
  • Trips organised by age group where possible
  • Half board accommodation
  • No Single Supplement
  • A bed to yourself...guaranteed!
  • Maximum group size 6 people
  • Time for exploring & socialising
  • No sailing experience necessary
  • Spirit of adventure obligatory!

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Why Adventure Sailing for Single People?

What Better Way to get to Know People?
There's nothing quite like living on a boat to bring people together; sailing is a team activity.....

Spend Time Outdoors Getting Physical
You just can't help being healthy living on board, all that fresh air, swimming & snorkelling....

Explore Somewhere New
You may think you've done the Caribbean or that you know the Med, but a lot of the best spots are only accessible by boat...

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone
Push your boundaries a little; you might find a new sport that you love and a shared interest can be the start of fantastic friendships....


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