What our guests say about sailing on Yacht Ibis

Adrian at Norman Island, BVI's





"I have just spent 2 weeks with Sam Bartlett on her Yacht Ibis, I was a complete novice to sailing, having only done a couple weekends with disinterested skippers in poor british weather on tired old boats. So I found Sams boat to be comfortable well equipped and an excellent training ground, of course the weather is a plus in the Caribbean Sea and we were able to sail every day if we liked.

Sam had all the books on the islands and would discuss the days sailing, after explaining each islands attributes, fors and againsts, while preparing our breakfasts, which were awesome. Sam is a wonderful cook and taught me a few tricks, especially how to make spanish tortilla !

We caught fish and Sam cooked them, we fed ramora, saw turtles, gazed at billion dollar yachts, rubbed shoulders with the rich and famous, wore only shorts, went home brown as a berry, happy as larry ! I will do it again. Oh and dont be fooled by this ladies appearance, her knowledge and experience of sailing is second to none, her cooking is of a good restaurants quality and nothing was ever too much trouble either food or sailing wise." 

Adrian Holden


Andrew in St Kitts





" I am right now sitting at my desk in my poncy suit and tie, dreaming of the warm weather and all the adventures we had.  Thank you so much for creating that.  I learned a huge amount and enjoyed myself immensely.  Due in large part to you." 

Andrew Gilchrist


Rach & Ant at Moliniere, Grenada



" Ant and I have been meaning to send you an email to say thanks again for such a fabulous time sailing with you last week.  It was so fantastic to be on such a special yacht and enjoying the Caribbean at it's best.  Even in the rain!  

We had such a lovely time and enjoyed great company, amazing food and some fantastic sailing.  We can only wish that someday soon we'll get our own yacht out in these waters.

Ant and I have been busy in Grenada over the last week.  We've hiked up Mount Qua Qua, Visited waterfalls including the Au Coin falls which was really special.  We've been out kayaking, scuba diving and more snorkeling.  We also made it to the Gouyave fish fry this week.  It was really good fun but they did say it was totally washed out the week before when we tried to go... so a good decision for us to all stay in for the double bill movie night on Ibis.  

Would love to hear how you are getting on and of your adventures over the winter.

Thanks once again for such a great time sailing with you on Ibis." 

Rachel Wood

Iain Gray Sailing in DominicaIain on the Indian River, Dominica



"Having just returned from a most memorable and magical 4 weeks sailing down many of the Caribbean islands its hard to describe it all in a few lines.

IBIS is an extremely comfortable and well managed yacht ideally suited to this type of cruising. Spacious accommodation with incredibly, 3 heads below and a vast cockpit for the warm evenings spent sampling the iresistable Caribbean rum! The yacht sails well and flies from island to island in the warm easterly trades and big Atlantic swells.

The skipper Sam is very enthusiastic and capable and so clearly loves the lifestyle (who wouldn't) . She produces some fantastic meals when anchored up in the evening and also a very welcome delicious snack when underway.

The islands were so very interesting in so many different ways. From the affluent French island of St Barts to the tropical but rustic paradise of Dominica. I liked them all but its fair to say I liked some even more that others. The people I found without exception very friendly and relaxed.

There must be some negatives I hear you say, well ok here are the ones I found.
The mossies just love an all they can eat buffet on some fresh Scottish Borders manblood. Get DEET 50%+ repellent.  
The skipper Sam needs encouragement to pour a good sized measure of rum! (she likes girlie ones)
Some of the skippers music CDs are very very good but some others make you so grateful you brought your ipod!

Reality is though,Im very grateful to have had the chance to experience such a wonderful part of the world on such a well managed and comfortable yacht. Thanks Sam"

Iain R Gray


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